Dress Code

  1. Students are called upon stage one by one and given a word to spell
  2. Every Speller spells only one word per round.
  3. The Pronouncer will read out the word once.
  4. The student has the right to ask the Pronouncer for additional information pertaining to the word namely:
    1. Meaning/Definition
    2. Part of Speech
    3. Origin
    4. Use in a Sentence
    5. The student can ask the Pronouncer to repeat the word more than one time
  5. There will be series of such rounds. Students who misspell the word will be eliminated at that point from The Championship
  6. Students who spell the word correctly, progress onto the next round
  7. The rounds will continue until such time as a Champion has been declared
  8. Each participant has two minutes to spell the word
  9. The timer begins as soon as the word is given by the pronouncer

The Administrative Panel
  1. Pronouncer : The pronouncer will be Dr. Jillian Pandor, Academic Director at Curtin University Dubai

  2. The Judges
    1. Ms. Renuka Singh, who has been judging The Spelling Bee Championship in the UAE since inception in 2011 – for spellings and pronunciation
    2. Ms. Sunanda Lal, to observe the finals and oversee the process to ensure fairness and transparency

  3. Scorekeeper - Ms. Latika Ganti Dhingra

Words for the Finals – An Important Note
  1. Words will be taken from the Intermediate (Semi-Finals) Word List and Advanced (Finals) Word list
  2. Unpublished Words, i.e. Challenge Words - These words are NOT from the wordlists sent to students earlier
    1. Initial rounds will be of words from word lists sent to students
    2. Rounds will then progress into the unpublished words.
    3. The Challenge Words will progressively increase in level of difficulty per round – from Easy to Intermediate to Difficult
  3. The Championship Rounds wherein Challenge words will be given will be the last leg of the contest. The decision to progress to Championship Rounds, will be at the sole discretion of the Administrative Panel
  4. Elimination rounds continue until only one speller is left and is crowned the new Spelling Bee Champion

Disputes & Discrepancies
  1. Rules and Regulations will be detailed by the organizers before the commencement of the Finals
  2. No video recording footage other than official recording will be used / accepted by the panel, as a reference and as the final verdict in case of any discrepancy or dispute arising during the finals of the Championship.
  3. In case of disputes, the official footage would be played in the presence of the Parents, Students and Panel
  4. The final verdict in case of any discrepancy or dispute arising during the finals of the Championship will rest with the Panel