Resources and Study Tips

How to prepare for the Bee

The end-objective of the Spelling Bee is NOT to learn not by rote memorization, as that is very limiting! It is impossible to learn the entire dictionary!

However the Spelling Bee is aimed to empower students and teach skills that will expand vocabulary a “thousand-fold” by learning the rules, the exceptions, the patterns, origins, foreign words etc.
This also aids student in learning the process of analysis and thinking.

It's also comforting to bad spellers to know that this business of spelling seems to have little to do with intelligence.
It has more to do with how we remember things.

The following suggestions about spelling are only that—suggestions. Spelling, like vocabulary building, is ultimately a personal matter, and only a planned and sustained effort to improve spelling will have the desired results.

Learning spelling words can be a laborious experience if one learns only the traditional methods, such as writing each word five times or writing a sentence using each word. Although these methods are not without merit, there are some different -- and perhaps more fun ways to learn spelling words that could be more effective

Play word games, such as scrabble and crossword puzzles. There are websites that can generate customized word games

Memorize words by using “visualization” techniques. . For example, looks at a word written on paper. Then close your eyes, and picture the word, letter by letter, in your mind.

Break down a word into groups of 3 or 4 letters/syllables.
For example take the word:
This is one of the longest and most unused words in the English language. However once it’s been broken down each chunk is just as easy to spell as any other small word, such as “tree” or “cat”

Learn the rules – and know that are exceptions to every rule!
Memorize the exceptions

Get a head start – learn new words, foreign words, origins, from “Spell It” . “Spell It!” focuses on about 1150 words, divided into sections by language of origin. Studying language of origin will enable you to learn and remember several important rules, tips, and guidelines for successfully spelling words in English

The following resources are invaluable guides to learning to master English Spellings: