• The Enrollment Fee is non-refundable.
  • Provide a clear passport copy.
  • Provide 4 passport size colour photographs.
  • Clearly and legibly write the full name of the student and school, with a ballpoint pen behind each photograph.
  • Failure to do the above will result in an incomplete and therefore ineligible registration.
  • Students participating must attend the Spelling Bee Championship UAE in school uniform only.
  • The organizers of the Spelling Bee Championship UAE may disqualify prior, to, or during the competition any Speller who is not in compliance with any of the mentioned Eligibility Requirements and may at any time between the commencement and conclusion of the Spelling Bee Championship UAE have the right to forfeit any prizes,rank, and other benefits accorded to the Speller as a result of participation in the Spelling Bee Championship UAE.