How to prepare for the bee

  The end-objective of the Spelling Bee is not to learn by rote, i.e. memorization, as that is very limiting! It is impossible to learn the entire dictionary!

  However the Spelling Bee is aimed to empower students and teach skills that will expand vocabulary a “thousand-fold” by learning the rules, the exceptions, the patterns, origins, foreign words etc.

  This also aids student in learning the process of analysis and thinking...   More

28 Rules For English Spelling

1. The letter q is always written with u and we say, "kw." The letter u is not a vowel here. (quiet)

2. /c/ before e, i, or y says, "s" (cent, city, cycle).

3. /g/ before e, i, or y may say, "j" (gentle, get).

4. Vowels a, e, o, u usually say, "ā", "ē", "ō", "ū" at the end of a syllable (belong, protect, futile)

Spelling Tips and Rules
  • Start wherever you are
  • Work on your level of words until you are ready for the next.
  • For words like which and witch, receive and accommodate,you just have to memorize how to spell them. They are like other words (stitch, rich, itch, sandwich, etc.), but there’s no great secret.